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Jackson25 Dance Institute is one of creative and performing dance institute specialising in dancing classes for people from all walks of life. Jackson25 Dance Institute is not merely a dance Institute but an artistic shelter where different minds,bodies and souls will meet to create higher and greater levels of dance in this country.

Jackson25 Dance Institute was created to share artistic and authentic dance with a global and diverse audience. We specialize in both contemporary and different types of western dance forms. The institute was founded by the dance artist Abhishek Dikshit. Jackson25 Dance Institute offers classes to various levels of students and ranging skill sets. If you are looking for the dance lessons and you want to learn to dance - we have a solution for you.

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The Institute provides a wholesome experience that includes dance-training and development of required body language, to master the art of Belly Dance. The art and expression of the dance form is further accentuated with the use of unique & artistic props.

We empower our students to build strength, stability, and awareness of not only their bodies, but their minds and souls. We hope our institute feels as comfortable as home and also reflects the artistic and imaginative nature of this amazing art we share each day. It is our privilege to demonstrate how dance provides a platform of positive momentum affecting our community, relationships, families and self.

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We are not just about dancing, we offers so much more for everyone. So if you would like to learn to dance or you want to boost your confidence or just become more physically active we provides the environment to help you to achieve whatever you aspire to.

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